Thrive Bioscience

Cell culture, stem cell culture, and tissue culture are core research tools necessary for basic research and the development of curative therapies. However, cells vary significantly in quality across laboratories with high rates of mislabeling, cross-contamination, and stress. Thrive Bioscience provides instruments and software for consistently growing healthy cells, accompanied by relevant data, documentation, and analytics.

Thrive Bioscience’s unique solutions increase the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness of drug discovery and basic research. They also enable the delivery of new therapies by improving processes in cell culture, stem cell culture, and tissue culture.

The company was named one of the “50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2020” by Silicon Review and one of the “20 Best Biotech Companies” in 2019 by CIO Review. With an extensive patent portfolio, the company has collaborated with internationally recognized researchers at large pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and independent research organizations. These collaborations have led to the development of the CellAssist, the first in a family of products designed to enable reproducible cell, tissue, and suspension cultures.