Thrive Bioscience Investor Overview

  • Founded in 2014 in the Boston area to address the critical need for analytics and automation for cell, tissue and suspension culture.

  • Cell, tissue and suspension culture is a very large market yet has had limited innovation from vendors.

  • Thrive Bioscience has a family of three major products with one on the market, one to be launched soon, and a third under development.

  • The products have a range of price points and increasing amounts of automation to address needs in small, medium, and large cell biology laboratories.

  • The Company has an experienced Board of Directors, Management Team, and Advisory Board and has collaborated with leading academic institutions and corporations.

  • The Company has raised more than $25 million from angel groups, family offices and industry veterans to fund its product development and now commercialization of its first two products.

  • Thrive Bioscience is a private company that is expanding rapidly and is interested in working with highly regarded collaborators and investors world-wide.

    Investor Contact:
    Thomas Forest Farb-Horch, CEO
    Telephone: +1-978-720-8046