Benchtop Live Cell Imager

Benchtop instrument that automatically builds a database of images, metrics, and methods, and materials to ensure centralized capture, and retention of data.

CellAssist 50

Automated Live Cell Imager

Automated cell imaging system with an integrated 50-plate CO2 incubator, gives researchers unprecedented imaging, and analysis capabilities to gain deep insights into cell, and tissue dynamics.

CellAssist Software

Analysis Workstation

A centralized location for storing, and archiving your captured data that generates informed quantitative reports on cell confluency, cell growth, scratch gap area recolonization, and viral plaque counts.

The Need

Non-microbial cell, tissue, and suspension culture is a fundamental research tool, widely used in over 80,000 labs worldwide in research, and industrial applications.

Further, cell, tissue, and suspension culture is becoming increasingly important in a variety of stem cell, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, and cell therapeutic applications.

Current methods are little changed from 60+ years ago, are a major bottleneck in research, and therapeutics, and do not lend themselves to reproducibility, scalability, or easy implementation of GMP/GLP practices.

The Solution

The CellAssist is part of a family of instruments, and software that provide researchers with automated imaging, smart analytics, and documentation for reproducible cell biology. For live cell biology, the CellAssist captures the right data, and large quantities of data at many focal planes consistently, and over time, combined with extensive documentation. Thrive’s instruments enable significantly improved cell culture processes, improved cell-based experiments, and breakthrough insights.