Who is Thrive Bioscience?

Thrive delivers instruments and software that provide previously
unavailable automated live cell imaging and analytics for unparalleled
insights into cell behavior, significantly advancing research and drug discovery.

Better data for faster, more reliable results today.


Benchtop instrument that automatically builds a database of images, metrics, and methods, and materials to ensure centralized capture, and retention of data.

CellAssist 50

Automated cell imaging system with an integrated 50-plate CO2 incubator, gives researchers unprecedented imaging, and analysis capabilities to gain deep insights into cell, and tissue dynamics.

CellAssist Software

A centralized location for storing, and archiving your captured data that generates informed quantitative reports on cell confluency, cell growth, scratch gap area recolonization, and viral plaque counts.

CellAssist Applications

The automation provided by the CellAssist family of instruments replaces your time at the inverted microscope and enables you to acquire, organize, and analyze images of all your cells in 6-well to 384-well flat or round-bottom plates. The unique CellAssist Family is setting new standards for reproducible cell culture in numerous laboratory applications while giving you confidence in your cell culture process.