ISSCR 2022 (Booth #128)Automated Live Cell Imaging at up to 100 Focal Planes


Benchtop instrument automatically builds centralized databases of images and metrics.
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CellAssist 50

Providing researchers unprecedented imaging and analysis capabilities of cell and tissue dynamics.
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CellAssist Software

Cell and tissue visualization and analysis with centralized databases of images of metrics.
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On-chip Sort

Gentle microfluidic sorting of cells and droplets for analysis of a variety of samples including fragile cells, cell clusters, bacteria, and emulsion droplets.

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Thrive Bioscience is proud to announce our new corporate partner:

Come visit On-chip in booth #128.

CellAssist Solutions

The automation provided by the CellAssist family of instruments replaces your time at the inverted microscope and enables you to acquire, organize, and analyze images of all your cells in 6-well to 384-well plates. The unique CellAssist Family is setting new standards for reproducible cell culture in numerous laboratory applications while giving you confidence in your cell culture process.